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Professional Development Training Bundle

For organizations located outside of Massachusetts only. For Massachusetts pricing,  please click here.

This package includes:

ACT for School Staff: K-12 Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training: Interactive live training to empower trusted adults in your school community to recognize and respond to the warning signs of suicide. *Includes access to an online, self-led version to supplement staff training on suicide prevention year-round.

Postvention: What Occurs After a Suicide: Don’t wait until a crisis occurs to solidify your response plan. This live training will share guiding processes, timelines, and best practices in a suicide postvention situation.

A free one-hour discovery session with a MindWise expert if you book before April 15th.

Before you book: Please note that we need a minimum of 30 days to schedule training dates. After booking, you'll receive an email from a MindWise specialist to get more information about your organization and to book your discovery session.

$4,135.00 — $7,365.00
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